New Facebook Study Shows Separation is Healthy

In the most recent update by our Facebook overlord, Mark Zuckerberg, it has been brought to our attention that the ads that make Facebook run are now disruptive of a healthy lifestyle. Because spending hours on Facebook looking at all the fake fun your friends are having while you’re alone on the couch is totally healthy and productive. Time well spent, I’d say!

Real friends are never as fun.
Real friends are never as fun.

The long winded post brought in research and studies about user’s overall happiness and how it’s effected by how much time is considered wasted on Facebook. The end result of the post was just to state that Facebook will be implementing a separation; ads will no longer fill up your timeline unless they are livefeed videos or brands that you have already liked in the past….you know, to keep users happy because scrolling over ads is exhausting.

Based on this, we’re making a major change to how we build Facebook. I’m changing the goal I give our product teams from focusing on helping you find relevant content to helping you have more meaningful social interactions.

How it usually goes down
How else does one blog?

If you’ve ever wanted to know how to kill your business as fast as possible by making sure no one knows you exist, here is your answer!

Like it or not, we are in a digital age. If it’s not online and can’t be easily found on social media you are not a company worth knowing. Every company and brand out there requires advertisements on social media pages in order to survive. If your name doesn’t pop in someone’s face on Facebook, no one will put in effort to find you.

As digital marketers it is our job to know the trends and to know how to peak people’s interest. This is brought about through knowing the target market and advertising to them directly. It’s not just for big corporations either, every small business requires this knowledge to make their business work. If paid advertisements are no longer going to get small businesses the reach they need to gain followers then enjoy large corporations filling up your news feed.

This new policy makes every boost a bidding war. The highest bidder gets to advertise, the others will have their boosting spent with little to no views.bidding

However, there is something we can do to make the best out of a bad situation. This is now a time where a game of content has to be played. As digital marketers, it’s time to step up your game! Bring out all the tools and create inspiring, memorable, and catchy content. Work to connect with your audience as much as possible.

CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) is another area that should really be focused on. The greatest way to get your business known to the public is to BRING it to the public. Charitable actions to help and support your local community make you feel great PLUS you get the added benefit of getting your brand out there. Your employees will be happier and word will spread of your good deeds; everyone loves a company that gives back!

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  1. This will be the end to many businesses, especially small ones, that do rely mostly on Facebook ! This is not how your bring people together, again.

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New Facebook Study Shows Separation is Healthy

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