Why has social media marketing gained so much success in the past few years

Ever since Facebook was introduced, it revolutionized the way businesses interact with their customers. It created new communication channels through which potential customers could be reached.

Almost 10 years have passed and the shift of focus from traditional marketing to digital marketing is remarkable. We have aggregated some of the most important factors that allowed social media gain this huge success

Why Social Media gained huge success in the past few years?

  1. Social Media generates interaction and engagement with customers
    One of the most important benefits that social media provides is the fact that companies can actively interact and communicate with their fans. Through traditional marketing tools, companies weren’t able to detect the reaction and response of the viewer to the Ad displayed on a billboard, magazine, or TV. On the other hand, individuals through social media have the chance to like, comment, share, retweet, pin… anything the company posts. This is not only helpful to business to engage in conversations with their fans and track the behavior of their potential customers, but also fans, in turn, contribute in promoting the page. The result of an interactive relationship ultimately deepens the bond between the company and its fans and enhances brand loyalty.
  2. Social Media is a cost effective way to advertise and market your brand
    The Social media channel gained huge popularity and was able to spread across the globe as it is a free interactive medium for people to engage in conversation and communicate with those sharing the same interest.
  3. Social Media enables you to reach a large audience
    Previously, customers could only be reached through traditional marketing tools such as TV, Radio advertising, billboards, magazines, newspapers, flyers brochures etc… all budget consuming tactics.
  4. Social Media ensures fast results
    Whenever you have a product or service to promote, or you want to communicate a new event or information about your company social media marketing enables you to spread the news across large audience and in return receive fast actions and results. Through social media, you can also promote your website or e-commerce site by embedding your link with your posts, this way you’ll be leading your fans to visit your online store and make their purchases with a click of a button.

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Why has social media marketing gained so much success in the past few years

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